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Logo & branding

To create a strong brand, a powerful visual identity is essential. A logo design and/or corporate identity process always involves four steps:

Step 1

Research & strategy

I would be happy to help you understand you and your business better. Who are your customers and competitors? What are your unique strengths? Why do customers choose you? What is your vision for the future?

Before this step, I send a questionnaire so that I get a clear picture. If desired, I will organize a brand strategy workshop to find answers to these questions together.


Step 2

Afterwards, I will start creating various logo concepts. In a comprehensive presentation, I will explain my design choices and the reasons behind them. You can expect me to propose 2 to 3 different designs. Additionally, I will show you how the logo may appear on various communication materials relevant to you.

verschillende logo ontwerpen

"Very satisfied with the collaboration & the final result. The new corporate identity was well received by our customers."

Johan Van De Ven, Corporate Director

BTV Accountancy


Step 3

Based on your feedback in step 2, I will make any adjustments to one of the proposed logos. 


Once we have agreed on the logo, we will continue developing your corporate identity. This includes an appropriate color palette, fonts, any matching graphic elements such as icons and patterns... All these elements are brought together in a clear corporate identity guide. 

We also discuss how we will present your corporate identity to the world and what is required for this.


Step 4

Are you completely satisfied? In this final phase I prepare all final files for you, both for digital use and for printing. I take into account different versions of your logo, such as a horizontal version for printing pens, for example, and a vertical version for the profile photo on social media. 

I also supply all additional elements (icons, patterns, etc.) that are part of your corporate identity.

richtlijnen rond de huisstijl
belettering wagen

Any additions

Step 4 may be the last formal step in the logo and corporate identity process, but in reality it is where it really begins. 

If you need help designing stationery, flyers, social media and more, I'm always at your disposal. Together we ensure that your corporate identity remains consistent and recognizable, regardless of how you communicate with your company.

"Valerie created a complete picture for me, she designed my logo, business cards, flyers and van, resulting in many positive reactions."

Maarten Van Kelst

Sterk Tuinwerk

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