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Designing icons is a passion of mine. Icons play a crucial role in conveying messages and are often the first to attract attention. Although online stock libraries and existing icons are sometimes sufficient, it often happens that a completely new design is required to match the brand style.

Step 1

First meeting

For a successful start I need essential information. Where will the icons be used? What meaning should they convey? Is there an existing corporate identity guide that I should take into account? Having this data from the start is very important.

affiche met 12 waarden rond klantbeleving


Step 2

Once the necessary information has been collected, I get to work. If the style has not yet been determined, I first work on one icon in a specific style. Only when the style is approved do I move on to designing the full set of icons that fit together perfectly.

"Valerie always provides fast and smooth service.
She knows perfectly how to convert a briefing into a beautiful image."

Jelle Van Brandt, Marketing Content Coordinator

Vandeputte Safety Experts


Step 3

Your feedback is invaluable. Any adjustments are made to ensure that the icons fully meet your expectations.


Step 4

Once the design is perfected, I export the icons to various file formats. This makes the icons versatile and suitable for all purposes we discussed in the first step.

ontwerp iconen

Fully convinced?
Let me know!

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