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Whether you are a company looking to increase brand awareness or a publishing house looking for professional support, you can reach a wider audience with printed or digital brochures, books, catalogs or magazines. With this you not only share valuable knowledge and offers, but you also create fascinating reading moments for your target group.

Step 1

Text and images

We start with the basics: Is all text and images available? There are two options at the start. 1: I work with the material that you provide me. 2: I have a network of freelance copywriters and photographers that I can recommend and work closely with.

verkiezingsbrochure opmaak

Design election brochure


Step 2

If all the necessary text and images are available, I will be happy to get started. As a first design, I only work on a few pages to ensure that the look and feel is as desired.

opmaak van een kookboek

Design cookbook

Step 3

Feedback round on the style of the publication

Any adjustments are carefully made to ensure that the style fully meets your expectations.

Step 4

Complete design of the publication

Once we agree on the style of the publication, I finish all the pages.

Step 5

Feedback round on the content of the publication

In this final feedback round, minor adjustments can be made to the publication, such as adjusting images and text corrections.

Delivery of printed matter or digital publication

Step 6

Is everything completely to your liking? I then deliver the final file for printing and/or digital publication. If you would like to see the publication printed, there are again two options. 1: I arrange the printing for you and use my network and knowledge of printing methods and paper types. 2: You take care of the printing yourself.

Design digital brochure / e-book

Fully convinced?
Let me know!

Thank you for your message!

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