Will we click?

Valérie De Schutter is a graphic designer and the face behind Lemon Tree.


According to her vision, graphic design should generate more than just “a nice image”. It’s an investment your business will reap the benefits of both now and in the long run. That’s why she takes the time to go over a number of important considerations with her clients: who are their competition, what makes their product or service unique, who is the target audience, etc.


There’s no accounting for taste. Valérie is not bound by a single aesthetic. She adapts her graphical style to your target audience. What she finds important is clarity, so that your target audience immediately understands who you are & what you have to offer where & when. These are the four cornerstones that will be front and center in her designs.


Valérie is specialized in graphic design. But every case is different and asks for a targeted approach. That is why she can always count on her network of freelance copywriters, photographers & voice-overs.

My outlook on good graphic design


A stylish design guarantees a good first impression for your business. The most important things to consider are: what is the message and who is the target audience? The answer to these questions determines the style of the design.


Research has shown that the most original ads are the most effective. On average, people see 377 advertising messages each day. A creative, solid concept ensures that your ad stands out among all those stimuli.

The finishing touch

“If you do something, do it well.” A job is only half-done without the finishing touches to top it off. Together we will come to an end result that will satisfy us both.


I’d like to get to know you. That way I can capitalize on your wishes and needs. And if you have a question or would like some advice, I’ll gladly be at your service.

Software knowledge

Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

Adobe After Effects (eenvoudige animaties)

& Premiere Pro (ondertiteling, videobewerking)

Microsoft Office Powerpoint & Word (voor ontwerp van templates)

My expertise in graphic & digital media

logo design – leaflets – packaging design – infographics – photoshop – catalogues – mailings – banners – direct mailing – Microsoft Powerpoint template Microsoft Word template – website design – folders – POS material – book design – magazines – illustrations – icons – corporate identity – lay-out – ads - …

0472 21 44 31  /  valerie@lemontree.graphics

BTW BE0644.773.945

Rietveld 23, 2870 Ruisbroek (Antwerpen) - België   
Valérie De Schutter